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Edgy Bird Design Studio

Helping small businesses effectively sell products to their customers with NO fuss and NO wasted time.



I know you have an incredible product, but if your .com is dry, your sales will be too.


Designing a website that gives a mood and responds to your customer’s touch is no simple task. You don’t have to figure it out alone. In fact, you don’t have to figure it out at all!


You need a website that works 24/7, offering your customers a painless purchasing experience…and that’s where I come in.

I offer three design packages that will make your business look like a dream and work like one too. From clean, modern designs that flaunt your products on any screen size, to hosting setup that leaves you hands-free, I untangle the web in your website.


Don’t lose another sale because you don’t have a website! It’s time to build your nest and take flight!

About Me


The Designer

What’s up! I’m Tiffany. Website design pro, entrepreneur, and protester of fluorescent lighting (it’s a total design fail!) . . .

I’m just a girl from LA living her best life in Brooklyn. When I wanted a way to flex my creative muscles, I started designing my own blogs and websites. And I got pretty good at it too. Before I knew it, my friends and their friends were hitting me up for all their design needs. That’s when I realized that my hobby wasn’t much of a hobby anymore. It was an in-demand skill.

Since then I’ve paired my eye for design with pro-level techniques that allow me to create more content in less time. Technology is awesome like that.

Edgy Bird is my full-fledged web design studio. It’s where I go to create CLEAN, COOL E-COMMERCE STORES for my clients so that they can market and sell their physical products. I know firsthand how frustrating it is to navigate a cluttered website when you’re ready to buy. That’s why I’m all about FUNCTIONALITY. It’s not enough to have a pretty website (although my designs offer plenty of eye candy). You need to guarantee a NO-FUSS e-commerce experience for your buyers.

When my eyes aren’t locked on my laptop, you’ll find me whipping up green goodness for KLAY Botanics, my online collection of organic skincare products. I’m also a fiction and screenplay writer and SAG-AFTRA actor.

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I'm obsessed with...

Dessert, organic ingredients in everything, and amazing mood lighting.

Keys to my best life...

Shea Butter chapstick, good music, and eyeliner.

I wish to put an end to...

Handshaking! I’ve seen the gross things people do with their hands and I don’t need that transferred to me. No thank you, lol. I much prefer waving or giving a good old fashioned hug. Just sayin’.

Most Likely to Binge Watch

Insecure (Come on Issa, I’m rooting for you!), Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, HBO Hard Knocks, and most shows on Bravo *facepalm*

Mood killer

So, about that fluorescent lighting I mentioned earlier? I can’t stand it! I mean, just think about it. The only places with fluorescent lighting are hospitals, jails, and every other place you don’t want to be. There. I said it. Lol.

Mood lifters

Cracking up, and vibing to good music.

Celebrity She-roes

Zendaya, Yara Shahidi, and Tracee Ellis Ross. All three of these women embody intellect, pure heart and hella goofiness.

My go-to drinks

Margarita or Gin gimlet (on the rocks).